Not Just Another Crappy Job
Are you a drama-free, super happy, self-motivated human?
Are you full of moral courage and personal integrity, and just plain passionate about serving others?
How would you like to join a team that appreciates your hard work and celebrates your initiative?
If you love to stay physically active and would like to be a part of a family away from home, you should apply to be a Kyle Cleaning Pro!

This opportunity is NOT for you if you:
• Gossip uncontrollably
• Complain all the time
• Don’t like hard work
• Make selfish choices
• Think small lies are acceptable

• Can’t be punctual
• Can’t be reliable

We don’t just clean houses, we give our clients an edge!!!

You can look forward to quarterly functions with the team, a pleasant work environment, a culture of leadership, and many more benefits to come. We will be rolling out a perks program for our team in addition to opportunities to get PAID for giving back to the community.

You can expect to work 4-5 days/week, 4-6 hours per day, between the hours of 8:30am – 4pm Mon-Fri.

If you are the leader we are looking for, you need to apply NOW!!! COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION HERE. Can’t wait to meet you!